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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bar Stools Update: Bought it Already

So remember I posted about getting some bar stools for my kitchen island?

We bought it already!  I am so excited with this post because we went to Value City on the Memorial Day and got 4 bar stools.

Thought of getting 2 burgundy & 2 tangerine but end up getting one of each color ~ burgundy, tangerine, black & silver ~ just so to spice up my divine kitchen with fun colors!

We will pick it up from Value City on Thursday.

Imagine these bar stools with fun colors in my divine kitchen ~ awesome!!!

Three more exciting things about these bar stools:
      one ~ it actually swivels 360 degrees, remember in my original post I mentioned that I am not quite sure if this swivels...

      two ~ we saved $80 all in all because these was on Memorial Day sale for $29.99/piece but was originally $49.99, if you would go to Value City's website, the price is back to $49.99 again.

     three ~ my kids are sooo excited to have it!!

I will post pictures when these bar stools are in their new home :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun! Fun! Memorial Weekend

Three-day weekends are one of the best things i like in life.  Although it would always seem to go by fast ~ still, I like it.

It was so hot memorial weekend but it was so fun still!

Remember I mentioned in my recent posts that my son turned 4 years old already and that we are having a party over the weekend.  So we did!  It was a birthday party & a house blessing in one.

We rented an inflatable house ~ my son & my daughter had a blast!! not to mention my husband & myself were bouncing and sliding more than the kids did!!

Sunday night - bbquing at my sister-in-law's house with family & friends ~ kids playing at the backyard while moms & dads are eating & drinking a little bit.

Monday - kids went for a swim at a friend's pool in their apartment complex.

Good food, good times & kids are having sooo much fun!

What about your weekend, how did it go?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bland to Fab Box Update: Where Is It Now?

Remember I posted about transforming a bland box to a fab box last week?  I was trying to find a home for it and make use of it but I could not find the fab box.

I searched the whole house and finally found it, it was laying right under somebody's bed.  And that somebody is my 4-year old son :)

So, he has been using my fab box all this time!! me without even knowing it!!  I can tell that it has been a while now ~ because of the bite marks, see it right there? lol!

Upon my closer investigation, my 4-year old son (gotta get used to it, he just turned 4 two days ago), he already fill my fab box with his toys!

He must love my fab box because he's got his favorite bumblebee toy in there.  At least I've got somebody using my fab awesome!!

Can't you tell that my son is my biggest fan of this whole organizing & designing stuff that I do! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bar Stools for My Kitchen Island

After moving in to the new house, hubby and I have been looking up what kind and what color of bar stools are we going to get for our kitchen island.

Kitchen island is something new for us because we don't have this in our house before.  This is my favorite part of my divine kitchen!  I would love to have some bar stools in there!!

Here is my number one choice - Drake Adjustable Bar Stool (Value City)

why smart momma likes this?
  • it only costs $49.99 and it is actually on sale now for $29.99
  • it has 4 different colors ~ i think 2 burgundy & 2 tangerine will look awesome in my divine kitchen
  • it has adjustable height
  • it looks easy to clean because of it's chrome finish ~ could just use a wet paper towel & will be spotless in a second!

My other choice is Adjustable Height Drafting Stool (Walmart)
why smart momma likes this?
  • has more color options (blue, orange, black, bright blue, green, red, etc) that I could choose from
  • has the same features with my first choice
  • it costs $39.97 - more than my first choice

Finally, my next choice is ~ Scoop Swivel Gas Lift Stool (Target)
why smart momma likes this?
  • this swivels 360 degrees!! love, love it!!
  • has the same features with my first & second choice
  • it costs $101.99!!! ~ way, way more than expensive tan my 1st & 2nd choices.
Ahh, if money is just an issue here ~ i will definitely buy the one that swivels from Target.  But I think my smart mind is leaning towards getting my first choice from Value City.

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wanna Party?

So, my son turned 4 today and we are going to have his birthday party in our house and do a house blessing for our new house at the same time - way to save money :)

Yeah, yeah it is going to be a lot of work to have a party in the house but we cannot do our house blessing if it's not in our house right? lol!

Anyway, since I am a busy mom working and trying to have a party over the weekend.  I've come up with my own party checklist & to do list ~ my personalized one ~ to go with so I will not forget anything ~ hopefully...

You will  probably think it is not complete but as I said I made this for my own consumption.

And so here it is - this is the original checklist that I did...

And I thought of making it all pretty & fancy so I can all share it with you.
Here's the prettier version and YES you can use it with my permission :) 

You can also add or delete anything suited for your need.  Have fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Green is In :)

I thought of the need of something green in my color-rich living room.  So I bought this artificial plant with yellow flowers in it - uhmm...i am not even sure what kind of flower is it :)

But when I found it, I was pretty sure it will definitely would look good in my living room - on top of the end table in our living room.

love, love it!!

here it is :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bland to Fab Box!

Don't know what is up with me lately but I am developing this fascination of turning a bland box to a fab box.

Maybe I see the potential of an ugly box to be useful as an organizing device & a decorative piece at the same time.

Instead of buying organizing baskets, I came up with an idea of just transforming  a bland box to a fab box !!

Like this one- it is a shipping box and was just laying around.

Cut the flap of it to make it more accessible.

And this is how it looks without the flap.

Found some nice & pretty craft papers.

Wrapped the inside & outside of the box and here's the fab box after!

Not perfect - but this is my first transformation of  a bland box to a fab box .  Now, do you see the potential of this box?  Maybe I can use this as my belt organizer - or maybe scarf! or maybe smart-poppa's belts.

Here's the before & after picture.

There are a lot of shoe boxes that are hiding in one of our closets that I need to transform.

Will post more of this bland to fab box project.

Do you like it?  What about you?  Do you just throw all ugly boxes away or do you re-use it like what I did?

Feel free to comment.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My First Ever DIY: Fashion Jewelry Display Holder

But before that, I want to share with you how my fashion jewelries looked like before.  I just put those in our bathroom cabinet and it is taking the entire space.

And now here's how i did it!!

First -  I cut a piece of cardboard from one of the flaps of the boxes that we used when we moved in to our new house.  I chose this because it will be easy for the push pins to stick in this kind of material.

Then I used one of my old clothes that I was getting ready to donate to goodwill.  (nice & pretty fabric, isn't it?)

Placed the cardboard on the very bottom of my fabric.  then I stapled the fabric to the cardboard.

Then folded the fabric to align it to the cardboard and stapled the other edge first.

Cut the fabric on the other edge - making sure I still have a little fabric left so it can be folded before it is stapled.

Yeah, I know ~ the fabric is not cut straight!! lol!!

Then folded the fabric first before stapling it to the cardboard. 

And the finish product looks like this!!

Placed 5 command strips at the back of it.

Then I placed my finish product in the cabinet and started hanging my fashion jewelry.
Got side-tracked by my kids for a while so I left the bathroom...heard a sound (wrrraahh!!) after 3 minutes and here's what happened to my project !!!

The command strip is not good enough ~ or maybe I hung the fashion jewelries too early, that's why the adhesive did not get the chance to hold whatever it is supposed to be holding. do I?... I don't want to make a hole in the cabinet by using a screw or a nail...

Aha!! An idea came up that I could actually move my fashion jewelries from that cabinet to our closet.  Found a perfect spot for it ~ above our cabinet inside our closet ~ perfect :) love, love it!!!

Used 4 thumb tacks to keep it from falling off of the wall.

And so here is my first ever DIY - My Fashion Jewelry Display Holder.

I hope you love it as much as I do.... :)

huggies ***
smart momma

i party here:

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Organizing Home-Office Drawers - 1st drawer done!

I finally was able to organize the first drawer of my home-office.  It was a great mess to start with because my 1-year old daughter & my 3-year old son would also like to ***help*** eeeekkkkk!! meaning make a mess!

But it still turned out to be organized at the end of it :)

Here's a picture of my first drawer before it was organized.

So messy - it will take you a map to find things!

So I started with writing on a post-its the following categories = 1)keep; 2)trash, 3)shred & 4)pending -

Of course those little hands are ***helping***!!

Finally the drawer is empty!

And the pile from the drawer looks like this.

Found two of my "just in case i will need it" boxes - clinique perfume box & macy's jewelry box.

Placed them inside the drawers, bottom part in the front and lid at the back.  Then I taped them so they will stick together....perfect!!!

Then I started placing those items that were in the "keep" pile.  And here's the organized drawer!! very accessible and easy on the love it!!!

and my favorite part - the before & after picture:

What do you think of it?  What about you, how do you organize your drawers?

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