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Saturday, April 14, 2012

How did I organize my purses?

I used to just put my purses on the floor of our closet or on top of the cabinets, since we don't have a huge closet.

Until I got so tired of tripping onto it ~ then I researched and I've found at that you can use shower curtain hooks to hang your purses!

And so I did!! I bought this shower curtain hooks for $4.99.

Started hanging my purses on each of the hooks and for those small purses that I cannot hang in the hooks, I just inserted it to the pocket of the one of my purses.

There you go!! I was able to hang 9 purses all in all! If you have more purses than me, you can double hang them on each hooks.

See how small the space I needed to hang my purses and see them clearly.

How about you? how do you organize your purses?


  1. i jus put mine in a basket, this is a good idea, need to so this!

  2. thank you alyssa for dropping by in my blog :) i'm glad that you are thinking of doing it too =)

    keep me posted and i would love to see some before & after pictures, goodluck!

    smart momma


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