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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bought A Bunch Of Kids Consignment Clothes for just $17.00

While I was watching the news last night, they've shown a consignment store that's going to have a huge sale ~ Twice As Nice Consignments.

They had the sale from 8-5 but at 1-4, they've had the prices half price.

So I went to the National Guard Armory, where they held the biggest consignment sale.

I was able to buy the following:

for my 3(almost 4)-year old son: (boys' clothes were almost sold out & there were not very many options)

* 3 polos @ $4 each = $12.00
* 1 pants @ $4 = 4.00

for my 1-year old daughter:
* 4 shorts @$1 each = $4.00
* 1 spring dress @ $2 = 2.00
* 1 church dress @ $3 = 3.00
* 1 skort @ $1 = 1.00
* 1 skirt/blouse set @ $3 = 3.00
* 1 capri @ $2 = 2.00
* 3 shirts @ $1 = 3.00

For a total of $34.00 but since I went there at around 2:30pm, prices were half off so I end up paying $17.00. Imagine, how much I only spent compared if I actually buy it from the mall and pay full prize.

It was a good deal, most stuff I bought are for spring. I will take pictures of it and post it in here.

What about you, do you always buy brand new clothes for your kids?

Sorry it took me a while to take some pictures ~ here are some of it:

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