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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Labeling Machine ~ organizing helper

I bought a labeling machine earlier today because I wanted to organize our power cords and chargers.

There are cords and chargers here and there! It is all over the place!!!

~~power cords, chargers, usb connectors, laptop charger, camera charger, cellphone charger, etc!!

Most of the time we can't tell which cord or charger is it for. We always ~ always ~ try it first if it fits then maybe that is the charger or the cord for that.

It is a nightmare!!

I started working on labeling them and will post pictures as soon as I am done!

It makes me so excited!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finally "Closing" With The New House!!

Oh have I told you that we have sold our house to buy a bigger house?

No? Well, I was not really talking about it because first I was so busy with all the pre-approval process of the home loan and submitting all the required documents & second I don't wanna jinx the whole thing.

Good riddance ~ it was all over, it went smoothly...uhm...for the most was also a very stressful process.

March 19, 2012 ~ was the big day ~ the "closing date". We signed a stack of papers to officially own the new house.

It was so exciting because it was the day where everything was settled and put into papers and at the same time it was also stressful because we've had to give out the cashier's check of almost 7 grand for the DP!! ouch!!!!!

But this is just the beginning of it ~ ~ ~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bought A Bunch Of Kids Consignment Clothes for just $17.00

While I was watching the news last night, they've shown a consignment store that's going to have a huge sale ~ Twice As Nice Consignments.

They had the sale from 8-5 but at 1-4, they've had the prices half price.

So I went to the National Guard Armory, where they held the biggest consignment sale.

I was able to buy the following:

for my 3(almost 4)-year old son: (boys' clothes were almost sold out & there were not very many options)

* 3 polos @ $4 each = $12.00
* 1 pants @ $4 = 4.00

for my 1-year old daughter:
* 4 shorts @$1 each = $4.00
* 1 spring dress @ $2 = 2.00
* 1 church dress @ $3 = 3.00
* 1 skort @ $1 = 1.00
* 1 skirt/blouse set @ $3 = 3.00
* 1 capri @ $2 = 2.00
* 3 shirts @ $1 = 3.00

For a total of $34.00 but since I went there at around 2:30pm, prices were half off so I end up paying $17.00. Imagine, how much I only spent compared if I actually buy it from the mall and pay full prize.

It was a good deal, most stuff I bought are for spring. I will take pictures of it and post it in here.

What about you, do you always buy brand new clothes for your kids?

Sorry it took me a while to take some pictures ~ here are some of it:

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