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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Perfectly Imperfect?

I woke up today and greet my husband of almost 5 years a happy valentines with a kiss ~~ and he greeted me back with a kiss too...that's "it"!

really...that is "it".....

My husband and I have been together for 2 years before we got married, all in all we've been together for almost 7 years now, but we've known each other since we were kids. Within those years, we are blessed with 2 wonderful & beautiful kids ~~ a 3-year old boy & a 1-year old girl.

Life is beautiful with them but of course is not perfect ~~~ I love my husband so much that's why I could love him this time and could also hate him the next time...

He makes me laugh but at the same time he can also make me furious.

He makes me giggle but at the same time he can also make me gloomy.

He makes me smile but at the same time he can also make me cry.

He can please me but at the same time he can also annoy me.

He can lift my spirits when I am so down but at the same time he can also make me feel down.

He makes me excited but at the same time he can also make me disappointed.

He makes me happy and at the same time he can also make me sad.

That's my husband ~~~ I love him because he is "perfectly imperfect".

He is the person that makes me feel I am human because I am able to taste all those feelings. He is the man of my life...he makes me love him more every single day...

I would not trade him with anybody else, he is just "perfect" for me.
I would not ask him to change a single bit of what and how he is, he is just "perfect" for me.

Happy "V" Day to you "my perfectly imperfect" husband. :~)


  1. actually ~~ that is not "it"
    later during the day, my husband surprise me with flowers, chocolates and a valentines card...i especially love the card...

  2. this is very sweet smart momma!

  3. Chocolate, card and flowers are so overrated. I want a shining "rock"!

    1. i know vivi but it is not what it is that counts instead it's the thought that counts..

  4. YAH! I so agree! I got a set of necklace and a ring from my boyfriend!! loving it!!

  5. Every woman is different and every single woman appreciates differently.


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