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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"ideal drivers" in an "un-ideal weather condition"?

Today was snowing and I was driving on my way home and there are some things that I noticed and it amused me while watching it:

  1. People can actually drive 5 mph without complain and will eventually reach home safe.

  2. People can actually be nice in this un-ideal weather condition -- they give way to those turning left, turning right, stopping to let other drivers get in the lane and more!

  3. People don't cut in front of you.

  4. People let you go even if it's not your right of way.

It's actually like you're watching a slow motion movie --- but it's just not movie.

Come to think of it, it was "un-ideal weather condition" and the people driving are so ideal -- they're nice, giving & not rude.

How come in an "ideal weather" where people are supposed to be ideal too but they're not -- they're rude, they cut infront of you & get's mad when you cut in front of them.


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