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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Puss in Boots

I was watching Puss in Boots last night with my 3-year old son, 1-year old daughter (geezz, it still makes me feel awkward to say that because it feels like yesterday when I had her) and my husband.

It was hilarious, we all enjoyed watching it -- especially my son!!! After the movie, he said -- "Mom, I wanna watch it again." hehe...

Anyway, if you have young kids, it would be a nice idea to let them watch this movie. One good thing about this movie is that it did not use any undesirable words, such as "idiot", "stupid", etc. Very wholesome for kids.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

"ideal drivers" in an "un-ideal weather condition"?

Today was snowing and I was driving on my way home and there are some things that I noticed and it amused me while watching it:

  1. People can actually drive 5 mph without complain and will eventually reach home safe.

  2. People can actually be nice in this un-ideal weather condition -- they give way to those turning left, turning right, stopping to let other drivers get in the lane and more!

  3. People don't cut in front of you.

  4. People let you go even if it's not your right of way.

It's actually like you're watching a slow motion movie --- but it's just not movie.

Come to think of it, it was "un-ideal weather condition" and the people driving are so ideal -- they're nice, giving & not rude.

How come in an "ideal weather" where people are supposed to be ideal too but they're not -- they're rude, they cut infront of you & get's mad when you cut in front of them.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cheers to Good Life!

2011 was good to me and my family...we had healthy kids, sufficient money to live life & was able to pay a little bit of our bills.

Welcome 2012!! I am looking forward to a better life this year. Few things that we want to achieve this year:
  • date night with my hubby - once a month date night with hubby, watch movies, walk in the riverside, watch the sunset, whatever he can come up or i could come up with

  • more savings in our account - at least $10k by end of 2012

  • knock off credit card debts - at least 30% to 40% utilization

  • more time with the kids - take them to the zoo, children's museum, library, park, play area (inexpensive activities for them)

  • organize all the closets - him and hers closet, color coordinated

  • loose weight - hubby & myself will have a competition for the biggest loser, put in a dollar a day in the fund - $30/month/each --- whopping $720 at the end of the year for the biggest loser!!

  • eat healthy - eat more vegetables and fruits, less ice cream, less chocolates, less pizza, less soda

  • learn how to use a shotgun - don't be scared, it's just for protection

  • live the principle of "only buy it if you need it & can afford it" - very easy to say but we need to keep it in our heads over and over to practice it...only buy it if you need i & can afford it....only buy it if you need i & can afford it.....only buy it if you need i & can afford it....only buy it if you need i & can afford it

  • finish my scrapbooks - I've started it since 2008 but never finished it.

  • organize photos & videos - transfer to cd if we don't want it in photo books, keep in a secure place - photo box
I think the list is long enough....a list that my family should bring all the time to keep us motivated.

I personally believe that happiness is not something that you bought or something that you can touch ---- it is something that you feel --- I want to share it to my husband and my kids, that it is not the things that we have in life that makes us happy ..... but instead it is our relationship with each other and our extended families.

Love more each day, respect each other, value life & care for the earth.

Cheers to Good Life!! what about you? did you have a good 2011? what's your goal in 2012?
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