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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Charles Feeney --- philanthropist--

Charles Feeney is a very good example of how a rich man should live his life.

He is the "anonymous" donor of $350 million dollars to Cornell University. He is an Irish American businessman and philanthropist. He became rich as a co-founder of Duty Free Shoppers Group. He made a lot of donations to different kind of institutions.

His philosophy is "Giving While Living". He actually does not own a house or a car, flies coach and wears a $15 watch.

I admire the way this person lives his life, I could actually count with my fingers how many I know who lives like him.

If you see celebrities and athletes -- they live the opposite way. Extravant, lavish and selfish. They buy jewelries that could actually buy a shelter that could house a whole bunch of homeless people. They buy cars that could actually feed 1,000 hungry people. They buy houses that could actually clothe countless people that needs it to warm them in the cold weather.

Feeney -- lives his life as normal and as frugal as possible. He said "I set out to work hard, not to get rich." "I had one idea that never changed my mind--that you should use your wealth to help people."

I think other wealthy people should look up to Charles Feeney because this man is awesome! He lives his life by giving. I remembered my father telling me when I was a kid, he said "the more you give--the more you receive". No wonder, this man would never be poor because God is blessing him even more because he is sharing his blessings to other people.

Thinking about it -- I think we should give more -- even little things because it's not the value that counts, it's the thought of giving.
  • Give more time to my kids

  • Give more love to my husband

  • Give more dedication to my job

  • Give more effort on blogging
Just give, give, give...and never expect to receive. You will be surprised that you will!

What about you? Are you willing to give?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things you can buy "Your Man" for Christmas!

Every Christmas, we always wonder what our man wants.... We actually have to google it --- I have come up with my own list to hint you what to buy for him.

  1. Electronics - All men likes electronics, they want the latest and the coolest. Consider giving: Iphone 4S, iPad2, nintendo ds, camera and kinect.

  2. Ammunitions - Boys like to play with toy guns, Men like to have the real thing.

  3. Tools - Anything from house tools to car tools, tool chests - cordless drill, angle grinder, air impact wrench.

  4. Sporting Goods - You have to know what kind of sports your man is into -- basketball, baseball, football, boxing, tennis, etc. Then you can buy him goods that he needs for his sport.

But we have to remember, the real essence of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Whether or not we receive a gift --- it doesn't really matter.

Let's celebrate life!

What about you? What do you want for Christmas?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

my son don't want me to go to work...

My son woke up this morning while I was getting ready for work. He asked me "Mommy where are you going?" I said that I am getting ready for work and that I will see him later. He said "Mommy, don't work." I told him that I need to go work to have money because we need money to buy a lot of things like his and his sister's diapers, milk, clothes, food and the list could go on. He said "Daddy work only" (he meant, he only wants his Daddy to work and not Mommy) I just told him that I will bring a treat for him when I return from work.

Children just don't understand that parents need to work to earn money. I would love to stay home too but I would love it even more if I earn something while I do that. Wouldn't it be awesome if we get paid while we take care of our little ones? I love spending time with them but we just cannot afford to do that for now..or at least that has just not happened yet...

... so meantime I need to go to work and earn some money.

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