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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why I don't go Black Friday shopping?

I am not a black friday shopper at all and I also don't shop on a thanksgiving weekend.

There are a lot of reasons why I choose not to do that.

First - I can't stand the long wait outside the retailer store until they open...patience is not my virtue.

Second - I must have wanted something really, really bad for me to line up in a cold weather and wait for the store to open.

Third - I can also be an impulsive buyer so it makes me scared to go in and the thing I wanted is already out and then I'll end up buying something more expensive which I don't really need.

Fourth - I can't stand the crowd, doing elbow to elbow shopping...people who are naturally nice and calm will transform into their evil side and will become rude, mean & violent. Of course, you've heard about the woman who allegedly pepper sprayed around 20 shoppers to get the merchandise she wanted.

Fifth - The savings that I get is not worth the 5-6 hours of my time wasted waiting in line when I can spend it with my 2 kids and my husband at home.

My list could go on and on...but bottom line is, it is a personal choice -- "I don't go because I choose not to" ---

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