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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SNOW -- cold, wet & slippery...

I was born in one of the tropical countries in Asia, the Philippines, and I grew up with warm tropical marine climate. It has relatively high temperature, very humid and rains a lot. We actually have 2 seasons, rainy season (June to November) and dry season (December to May). May being the warmest month and January being the coolest.

The average weather in the Philippines all year round is 79°F. In the cooler days, it is 77°F and in the warmer days, it is 83°F. Elevated areas have colder weather and lowland areas have a little bit warmer weather.

As a child, I have enjoyed this kind of weather where we can play outside all year round without putting a layer of clothes. We can wear shorts, flip flops and tank tops anytime. We go swimming in the beach nearby, go to waterfalls or sometimes we even play in the rain (my favorite). I've never complained about this kind of weather -- i love it!!

Here's a picture of me and my husband (then my bf) enjoying the hot weather and the beach in the Philippines :)

Snow for us was just an imagination -- we just see it on American movies. We've never played with it, felt it, touch it or maybe taste it :) So it was just a dream for me to have a snow experience.

When I came to America, one of the things that I am excited for is the winter season, so that I can finally have a snow experience. I finally had my first snow experience last December 16, 2007. I was so excited to finally feel it, touch it...taste it :)

One of the things I love about snow is that I can stare at it while it's falling down from the sky to the ground forever ***** it is very mesmerizing & very relaxing *****

Looking up and feeling the snowflakes touching my face makes me feel good too -- it's a feeling, I cannot explain -- very soothing...

Even after the snow, where it's going to be hard to drive around because it is cold, wet & slippery. I'm not complaining because no matter what -- i love the snow JJJ

déjà vu -- that's what I am right now --

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