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Friday, February 27, 2015

Fashion Friday | Spring Around the Corner

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The SuperBlogger | So Much To Make

The spotlight is on to Kelley of So Much To Make's beautiful wreath!

There is always a better way to dress up your front door and that is to hang a wreath.
And this wreath that Kelley made was not only inexpensive, it was super easy too.

According to Kelley

"2 Wreaths for Under $20"  Tutorial for making two beautiful, trendy burlap wreaths for your home (or for a friend!).  This tutorial uses some unconventional materials, and it includes how-to's on making burlap flowers. It is fast, fun, and affordable!

For details how she made this beautiful and trendy wreath, go to So Much To Make, and you might want to mention that you found her from over here.

Thank you Kelley for submitting your project!  You may grab my The SuperBloger button for your blog's sidebar.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[Petites Fashion] Booties, Skinnys & Navy

But what this post is - all about real people(that's me) fashion, that are petite but not so skinny.  Outfits that I actually wore to work or go somewhere.
Yep, we can wear booties like I did with this outfit, just kind of loosely tuck in your skinnys to make it look a little effortless.
You may also wear your faded-on-the-knees skinnys just like I did here for a relaxed look.  The navy printed top I'm wearing is one of my buys from Dillards not too long ago and this was on sale for $7.  This can be worn on spring and summer time too because of it's back opening.  Although on a colder weather you might want to wear a camis under it.
Then wear a long necklace and a pink watch to complete the look.  
I hope you enjoyed my petites fashion post for today! Until then...
You may shop below for the items or similar items that I'm wearing on this post.
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Kids Always Have Fun in the Snow

The only thing that makes me happy when it is snowing...

is this...
We've had a lot of snow lately and even if I am not so happy about it.  When I see my kids having so much fun playing with the snow, it makes me happy. 
They are my snow angels♥
Even if it means that I have to pull them on a sled...It makes me happy♥
But really...I am looking forward for spring and I'm sure these kids are too.

How about in your area? Is spring peeking in just yet?

Until then...
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