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Friday, May 22, 2015

[Fashion Friday] Sunny Spring

Thursday, May 21, 2015

[Petites Fashion] Coral Jeans with Whites

But what this post is - all about real people(that's you and me) fashion, that are petite but not so skinny.  Outfits that I actually wore to work or go somewhere.
Today's Petites Fashion is something very casual and easy-going.  Here, I am wearing a coral jeans which is perfect for spring, actually any bright colored jeans, like yellow, green, blue, etc.  It brings up the spring into your outfit.

I so love wearing colored jeans in the spring and summer♥
I paired my coral jeans with a white sequined top and white cardigan to keep it down a little bit since I am already wearing a bright-colored jeans.
I don't know why that day I was in the duck-face mood, but anyway my sister and I had so much fun taking that day's outfit. ♥

Then finally, I wore a T-strap flat sandals and messy hair.  

I hope you enjoyed my petites fashion post for today! Until then...
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Get Inspired | Master Closet Awesomeness

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Truly Blessed

Growing up as a child, my older sister and I are very close.  I mean we also fight but I consider her as my best friend as well.  

We use to dream about owning a house, a car, a great job, wonderful loving husband and a family of our own.  I am very thankful to God that he blessed me with everything and most for my sister.

Until recently, my sister and her husband were finally able to own their house! 
It was a dream come true and a true blessing.

I am so happy for her because it was a very beautiful house and the size was perfect for them.
I can also remember when we were little, we did not even have our own rooms because we were six siblings and there was only 1 bedroom in the house, so it was for Mama and Papa.  
What we used to do was that when it was time for us to sleep, we grab our pillow and blanket in the bedroom, look for a spot anywhere in the house - be it the sofa, floor, chair.  

It has worked for us all those years.  And to finally own a house, it is truly a blessing!
We are very thankful and grateful for all the hard work that we are so blessed.

She is very happy!  They are both happy!
They've had their lovely home blessed and warmed by friends and family.
Congratulations to you my dear sister and brother-in-law!  We love you!

And with that, let me leave you with this quote...Until then...
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